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We sell  Randall Knives

Sharpening Prices (We accept check or cash)

Sharpening Prices

     Kitchen Prices

Blade Size         Cost

   1"-4"                  $2

   5"-7"                  $3

   8"-10"                $4

Over 10"               $5

Serrated               $5

Cleavers               $4

Re-Tip                  $4


Household Scissors      $5

Pinking Shears              $5

Kitchen Shears              $6

Poultry Shears               $6

Scissors 10" & Up          $6

Hair Scissors

Regular Barber              $8

Convex Edges               $16


Pocket Knives        $3

Prunners, Flowers shears, Ax, Hatchets, 

Trimmers, Loppers, Machette, 

                  $8.00  EACH

Mail Your Knives if You can't come by!

                                   You may send by mail.  We sharpen and return by US Mail.  Total your bill and add $7.00 return shipping.

Send to 

       Ronnie Beck 

       51 Highland Trace Lane

       Benson, North Carolina 27504

Contact Us

Agriculture Street is the physical location of the Sharpening Trailer.  Please do not mail your knives (for sharpening) to that location.  Mail your knives to :

        Ronnie Beck 

        51 Highland Trace Lane

         Benson, North Carolina 27504

Beck's Cutlery

1201 Agriculture St, Raleigh, North Carolina 27606, United States

(919) 902-9416




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About Us


Our Service

Ronnie is the Sharpener and Patsy will greet you at the window.


Our History

Ronnie has been sharpening knives for more than 25 years.  Our cutlery store was open from 1992 until 2009.  We continued the sharpening service at the State Farmer's Market.  


Our Mission

We can sharpen while you shop the market or dine at the Seafood Restaurant.  So wrap up your knives and scissors with your dish cloth and come on out to the Farmer's Market.  Depending on your total items, the wait time is usually around thirty minutes.  We do not accept credit cards , but you may pay with check or cash.   

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